What We Do

Nationwide Merchant Accounts is a nationwide provider of all forms of electronic payment processing services for all types of businesses (i.e. retail, restaurants, web-based, service providers, wholesalers and distributors, home-based, mobile, transportation, and start-up companies) and provides credit card processing services across the United States for companies of all sizes and types. We have committed to providing each merchant with customized credit card processing solutions to meet each of their unique needs. We approve most applications within a few business days and have a 99% merchant approval rate.

We call our special offer our “Meet or Beat” Pricing Opportunity. Plainly put, if we cannot meet or beat your current rates & fees, we will give you $500 in the form of a Visa gift card. In order to see if you qualify, request a pricing proposal while providing 2 months of your most recent processing statements. We will in turn provide you a free, no-obligation, analysis of your current pricing that will show you how we can improve your monthly bottom line.

Who We Are

Nationwide Merchant Accounts is a group of business-minded individuals looking to bring honesty and integrity to the credit card processing industry. We want to help businesses keep more of their revenue by creating win-win pricing programs that save our clients money on a monthly basis by reducing the costs and providing competitive rates and fees as compared to their current over-priced merchant accounts. We are headquartered in Houston, TX with agents and clients across the country, hence the name… Nationwide Merchant Accounts.

Our History

Nationwide Merchant Accounts has been in business for about a decade, providing win-win solutions for its merchants. Over the years we have prided ourselves on educating business owners on the difference between different pricing models so they can make better, informed, decisions that affect their bottom line. As a boutique office that is backed by one of the top 10 processing companies, we have the best of both worlds. We are able to work with each business on a personal level while also having the best of the best in back end processing.

Nationwide Merchant Accounts provides credit card processing for small to mid-sized businesses, creating win-win solutions to help entrepreneurs increase their net earnings. We believe that this country was built on small businesses and we want to continue in supporting these businesses in order to strengthen the US economy. Nationwide Merchant Accounts also enjoys giving to local non-profits and ministry based organizations that are focused on supporting and building up people.